010 Demystify: Space Exploration (Virtual) NEW!
Saul Einbinder, technology strategist
Mon., 7:00–8:30 pm, March 29, 1 session

Are we really going back to the Moon? To Mars? With Space-X, Virgin Galactic, and Blue Origin there is way more going on with humans in space today than in the heyday of Apollo and the Space Shuttle. We will look at the goals, challenges, and progress (or lack thereof) of NASA and private companies so we can understand
where we are headed, and why.

Virtual - Zoom Online Video Conference

011 Wanderlust: Exploring the World from
Inside our Houses (Virtual) NEW!
Nell Curran, PhD, writer, cultural
anthropologist, and experienced analyst
Wed., 6:30–8:30 pm, March 3, 5 sessions

This course takes us on a tour around the globe with recent travel memoirists as our guides. As we read about their journeys, we’ll reflect on what makes humans want to move about, how travel writing expresses cultural difference, and how the lessons of travel can reshape our world.

Virtual - Zoom Online Video Conference

012 An Insider’s View into a Commercial
Airline Flight (Virtual) NEW!
Robert Zyriek, former US Air Force fighter
pilot, flies commercial passenger jets
for a major U.S. airline
Mon., 6:30–8:00 pm, March 8, 1 session

Conducted by a captain with twenty years commercial flying experience with a major U.S. airline, this class will discuss the planning and execution of a three-hour flight from Newark to Dallas. We’ll talk about the factors that go into the flight plan process—such as FAA regulations, route choice, fuel considerations, and weather—and discuss who is responsible for approving it. Then, we will “simulate” the flight itself and discuss how possible changes en route might affect that plan.

Virtual - Zoom Online Video Conference

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